Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Designer Dilemma....

The design process - I think everyone goes about it in their own way. It is an extension of an individual's creative force so I doubt that one person's muse is like any other person's muse. And that is a good thing! However, I'd like to have a little chat with my muse - show yourself, I say! I'm almost ready to trade her in for a new model! You see I have been designing a scarf/hat pattern for three weeks now and I know it's oh so close to being right, but each night my muse goes off to the local for a pint and some chips and leaves me with a splitting headache and nightmares of the a fore mentioned pattern.

The pattern is perfection on paper - the colors are oh so smoothly blended - the majority of the knitting looks fab. I think the pattern is solid, but there are two lines in the knitting that just do not jive! It throws the whole thing off to the point that I've ripped it back so many times the yarn has lost it's bounce.

Ok - I can hear you all now - put it away for a while - don't think about it - let someone else look at it.... Been there! It's the only thing I want to work on from sun up to sun down. I'm obsessed, I admit it openly. The frustrating thing is that this project is causing me to lose my zen! I've been on a knitting high for weeks now and I can feel it slowly leaking away. STOP!!! I want my zen back - please!!! I know there is a light bulb moment out there and that muse of mine better get her act together and help me find it soon.

Ah - it feels good to rant. Your local programing will now resume.

Oh - what do you think of my logo picture??? Feedback much appreciated.

Peace and joy to you all.... (and to your muse)
The Green Girl.....

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