Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well it looks as though the blizzard of 2011 has pasted for the most part. It is still snowing, but not as much as yesterday. Now comes the sub-zero temps for a couple of days and then more snow over the weekend. And we all know what that means - SNOW-DAY!!!! aka - KNITTING DAY!!!! Yep - that's right, time to have a little "knit-in." Perhaps a little romp in the snow as well - that is if I can find a way out of the door. The drifts are 3-4 feet high so that's going to take some strategic planning. DH got out the door to walk to work this morning. His lab is only a mile away and apparently there are millions of dollars mid-way through the process that he'd rather not toss down the drain on his second week. Really bad form! Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how he got out of the house. There are no tracks walking away from any door. Has he created a molecular transporter and forgot to mention it over dinner?? Hmmm... Mystery.

Our dear neighbor, Ed has since taken his snow blower to our driveway and cleared it off. He and DH are always helping one another in this way. The kids across the street were out playing and trying to clear their parents car from a big drift. So, that's what you have kids for - makes perfect sense. They seem to be able to handle the cold better than my aging bones. And I know there is life here in the Winter Country as I have already seen bunny tracks in the fresh snow this morning. I'll put out some carrots for them later today. Again, that is after I find a way out of the house.

Weather aside - I'm a little stoked as this is my month to the be MOM (member -of - the- month) in my Baker's Dozen group. I'll start receiving lovely little squares for my blanket in a couple weeks. Hurrah!!! That also got me to thinking about what I would do in regard to knitting on this fine snow-day and I think I'll work ahead on a few blocks for the group and I have a secret wrap in the making for a special person. Oh and I want to work on the fingerless gloves I started two weeks ago and seemed to have forgotten that they exist. They may get fingers now, as I've lost one of my good gloves. This is the second thing I've lost in the last month - first the phone and now my favorite glove. I can see them vividly in my mind on the last day they were in my possession, but they are no where to be found. I don't typically lose things, ever! My record is now broken quite in half since the glove incident, but I think that living in a time warp for the past few months has messed up my brain a little. We shall see if it returns as we re-enter the normal slip stream of life. Keeping fingers crossed. Thankfully my knitting skills have stayed in tack. Hurrah!!!

Ok - I should post a couple of pictures and sign off. Muse is dancing around and begging to play - it's a snow-day for her well and she thinks she's got the next big idea dying to be shared. We shall see. Enjoy the winter if you've got it and most of us in the US have it in spades.

Peace and joy to you...
The Green Girl

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