Thursday, February 17, 2011

Round Two....

Well, the best laid plans and all that.... yesterday's lace was frogged back to the needle at about 7:30pm last evening. Lesson: do not watch an information rich documentary and try to keep track of 26 lines of a lace pattern - you'll be sorry!!! And before anyone asks, yes I was keeping track of my rows with a pen and paper. My brain seemed to miss about 18 rows and repeated the first nine rows three times. Never registered until I laid everything out on the carpet to see how things were coming together. Then by the time I ripped back I was so frustrated that I just frogged the entire thing - 21 inches of lovely Spring green lace. DH gave me a quick glance and turned away - he knows better than to comment. So, disaster not averted - disaster "verted" full-on right into the bloody wall. Smash, bang, crash, ZOW!!!!! Ugh!!!

After a few deep breaths I calmly went back to the studio grabbed a set of needles one size smaller and started again. I suppose you could say the disaster allowed me to re-think and make some changes that I like far better, but that would be putting a positive spin on the situation and I'm not quite ready to do that just yet. Changes: I added a garter stitch border and changed the needle size. I'm liking "Spring Lace: Partie Deux" so far - it looks a little more thought out and refined, not as if I grabbed a skein of yarn, a set of needles and stitch dictionary and just started knitting, which is in fact what I did when this whole project began.

To explain even further how in a zone I was between the knitting and the watching last evening, I will tell you a little story. At some point, don't really know when, I couldn't find my second needle. Did it fall into the cushion - onto the floor - was I sitting on it??? Where did my 10" piece of blue pointed plastic go??? It wasn't stuck in the book or in the skein. Then DH looks over to me and says, "Sweetheart, what's in your mouth?" Oh good grief! I had been sitting there looking for this needle for well on to twenty minutes and the whole blooming time it was stuck between my lips!!! Then I started laughing hysterically because in the back of my mind I seemed to remember the Yarn Harlot having a similar story, but her needle was stuck behind her ear and I believe a rental car and some neighbors were involved. I guess this just goes to show the level of dedication (not lunacy as some might think) that we knitters have for our art.

OK - back to the laundry, cleaning, writing, and of course the knitting. Do you have a goofy knitting story to share?

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl

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Lara said...

I lost a sweater in progress. It and the cute project bag it was in were completely gone. I checked everywhere in the house, the car and gave up. My husband found it when he pulled the drawer of the coffee table out. It had somehow fell behind there. Hubby really keeps me sane...of course on another day I found his missing belt for him - he was wearing it :)