Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring is in the air.....

Hi ya - I claim amnesty in advance for my poor typing today - as the muse wrote earlier, I have a bummed up elbow, shoulder and hip. Lesson - don't overextend your arm into a below freezer with a door on rollers - it can apparently only end badly. I'm moving kinda slow at the junction, but today has been better than the last few. Thanks to everyone that sent me private messages wishing me a speedy recovery - they were all appreciated.

I know that the muse mentioned something about inspiration for Spring knitting and I too have been hit by Spring fever. The outside temperature has been slowly rising over the past week and I just could not sit without doing some sort of knitting, so I pulled out some spring green yarn and started a lace cravat for the new season. It's been a very slow slog since I cannot move the right arm all that well. My friend, Anna says that I don't know how to slow down, she knows all my secrets to well - don't worry Anna, I'm taking it as slow as humanly possible, for me. Anyway, I'm in love with this yarn, it's that green color of a fresh new leaf bud. Not quite full on green, not yellow, kind of a really soft lemon-lime. The skein that I have is an odd lot that was on sale for 99 cents. I had no idea what I would make with it when I bought it, but I knew I had to have it - it escaped the stash this week when I knew I would love a new lace neck warmer for chilly Spring days. The pattern is a lace pattern from a Vogue stitch dictionary (one of my favorite sources for inspiration.) As with most lace, you cannot tell what that mess is suppose to be until it is blocked, so I will post new pictures upon completion, but I wanted you all to see this yarn. If I had more of it, I would have made a wrap for my light-weight Spring/Summer dresses. Now, something in the back of my brain keeps telling me that we are still going to get one more Winter blast. That's fine, I love Winter, but for now and in preparation for the lovely soft days of Spring that will arrive in their good time, I shall knit lace and dream of my trees budding into their full glory for another year.

Are you all starting your Spring planning? What are your Spring dreams??

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl

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Spinster Beth said...

That is indeed a lovely color, and the pattern looks light and lacy!

I dream of Spring gardening. I can't put anything into the ground till at least May first, but I so badly want to at least get some seeds in!