Friday, February 11, 2011

Zip,Zip, Zoom......

Zip, Zip, Zoom = quick, fast, correct, smooth:
  reading - check
  cooking - check
  cleaning - check
  knitting - un-check -Oh un-check big time!!
I have a saying - Zip, Zip, Zoom! It's kind of my motto in that I multitask pretty well, with a descent speed. So, a lot of folks seem to think that I'm a booster for "speed knitting" as well. Well, confession time, not so much.

Here's my motto for the speed of my knitting - "Slow Groove.." I knit to de-stress - I knit to  let the muse out to play - and none of that goes well with speed. I'm not saying that people that like to speed knit are doing it wrong, live and let live - you like to speed knit - rock on!!! However, this idea of speed knitting leads me to worry a little about new knitters that think that speed knitting is the way they have to knit. I get asked quite a lot by new knitters to help them increase their speed and decrease their mistakes. For my knitting, speed knitting = mistakes, anxiety and basically a bad time. I ask new knitters to take it easy on themselves especially at first. It's the old saying you can't run before you walk. Walk a while and then if you decide that speed knitting is a major plus for you, ask a speed knitting expert, they're out there and ready to help. You need someone that understands the pros and techniques of speed knitting to help you out on this one.

You want to read the great novel in one night - I'm your girl! You want to knit a sweater in 2days - again, not so much!  Many apologies for my lack of ability on this front.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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