Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Treats.....

Well, we are only a few days away from the official day on the calender that celebrates - LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - All We Need is Love..... yep I think the Beatles basically got that right. So, I've been wondering for about a week now what I can do for all of you to show a little love. It came to me as I was finishing up a book review, a pattern that will work for all of my fellow knitters and crocheters. A needle/hook  holder. It's a simple pattern and I'm happy to share it with you now. It's a great little gift, a great way to use up some of your odd bits a stash yarn, and makes a nice organizational tool for your dpns or crochet hooks.

Materials Needed:
yarn - #4 weight wool - color of choice
needles - 4 - US #5 dpns or size for gauge
1 snap and one decorative button of choice
tapestry needle, sewing needle to fit through the holes of the snap
thread for sewing on the button and snap

Gauge: This is more of guideline than a rule. 21 sts - in stockinette stitch knit in the round = 2" across on front and 2" across on the back. Length = 8.5" when flap is closed and 10" when flap is open.

CO 21 sts and connect in the round. Make sure not to twist your stitches.
Knit until the tube is 8.5" long
BO 11 sts
Place remaining sts on one needle
Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - K2 - Purl across to last two sts - K2
Row 3 - Knit
Row 4 - K2 - Purl across to last two sts - K2
Row 5 - Knit
Row 6 - ssk - knit across to last two sts - K2tog
Row 7 - Knit
Row 8 - Knit
Row 9 - same as row 6
Row 10 - 13 Knit

BO remaining sts

Finishing: Weave in ends - At bottom of the tube use yarn to stitch tube closed.
Sew on half of the snap to the inside of the flap and one half to the front of the tube.
Sew on button to the front of the flap - button is for decoration only.
If you want to add an indicator so that you know the size of the needles/hook in the sleeve - take a contrasting piece of yarn and duplicate stitch the number of stitches that indicate the size. Ex: US size 4 dpns - duplicate four sts.

Now, as an extra little treat - because it is getting onto the day of love after all - for all the readers that leave a comment about your favorite Valentine memory - I'll pick 5 people at random and send each person a needle holder made be me, The Green Girl, especially for you. You have until the end of the Valentine's Day to leave your comment. I'll announce the recipients the day after and give the information for you to contact me with your mailing address.

Peace and joy to you and much love....
The Green Girl


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite valentines was when my then-boyfriend (now dh) still lived in the Middle East and we were up all night (his daytime) on the computer chatting and talking and sending heart-e-cards back and forth. To this day he gives me the most amazing valentines cards - just now it's on paper and in person - SOOO much better!!!

Happy V-day!

PS: I'm currently working on a "special" valentines gift for him for this year. LOL - will post on ravelry when it's done.

Greengirl said...

Pandorra7 - Thanks for the story. I have your address, so I'll get your needle case out in the mail this week.
Peace and joy..
The Green Girl