Monday, January 3, 2011

5-6-7-8... Who Do We Appreciate.....

Welcome to 2011 everyone! It's starting out as one heck of a great year and I intend to keep cheering it on. Apparently, I did something last year to tick off the 2010 deities and paid and paid and paid for it, well not this year. This year is going to be great - productive - birds singing - muse dancing -and many other good things as well.

So, to start the year out right I have a new blog - The Knitty Scribe, dedicated to reviewing written materials in regard to our art of choice - knitting. The Knitty Scribe does not judge, but informs the reader of what's available for them in the vast world knitting materials. I mean I have a huge knitting library and it still pales in comparison to what's actually available. The Scribe will hopefully help fill in some gaps for those that are as crazy for reading about their passion as they are in doing the knitting itself.

I have also started on an new collection - a mix n' pick scenario for making scarves - choose an end design and a mid section from different pieces and let the knitting begin. A way to let the knitter mix and match her favorite designs in the series and come up with unique and lovely gifts for self and loved ones. I've been thinking about this idea for months and months, but due to life (you know ticking off the 2010 deities) I decided to start fresh in the new year. I have one end piece designed and tested. Stay tuned, more to come....

DH and I started the year off with a lovely anniversary  ( our 29th) and have been invited to two social events in this first week of the year. Our calender hasn't been that full for months, I hope I still know how to act in a social arena. DH also has two more interviews this week and we are awaiting the final decision about a job that he is being seriously considered for from an interview at the end of 2010 (we are not suppose to be concerned if we don't hear before the 17th of January according to the HR department - all I can say is fat chance - we've both had our ears turned toward the phone all day.)

 So, what wonderful surprises has the new year brought your way in the first three days??? Go ahead, leave a comment and spill the beans. The muse can't wait to hear and neither can I.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

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