Monday, January 10, 2011

Under the Weather....

I have been wondering why I just didn't feel like writing for the past few days. In reality, I just haven't had the umph to do anything really. On Saturday, DH and I went to IKEA to get a couple cube dividers for my Expedit storage system in the studio and I felt like I was going to pass out so I let him check us out and I sat in comfy chair. It was like the lights in the store were blinding me. I never did become ill and felt much better after a little vanilla ice cream on the drive home. I am of the belief that ice cream can and does fix most ills in this world - kind of like chicken broth, but so much yummier.
   The rest of Saturday came and went, we went to a dinner party at a friends house or as we call it "the gang." Yes, dear readers, the Green Girl belongs to a gang. When we moved from Seattle to Chicago, two couples that are slightly older than us, but with hearts and spirits of people in their twenties, put their metaphorical arms about us and made us part of them. In other words, part of the gang. It's really quite a lovely feeling. Anyway, we had a lovely time with the gang, I felt fine, DH felt great, the evening was fun for all.
    Now we arrive at Sunday, still going good, but just not completely morphed into the present. So, I did a little laundry, call me strange, but clean underwear is a must. DH and I put together my storage dividers, I cleared a little space, started a new hat (red cashmere - slouchy hat) in which I am making jewelry tassels (pics to come at completion.) I thought I was getting a lot accomplished. I made a yummy taco salad for our dinner and that's when I knew something really wasn't right, I had a portion size for a three year old - literally 3-4 mouthfuls and I was done (I normally have to fight off DH for this salad as if I do say so, it rocks!!!.) I didn't feel sick, just couldn't eat. DH on the other hand ate the rest of the salad minus one portion that he said he wanted for breakfast, today. Rock on - eat what you like. As we settled into the sofa to watch a bit of tele, I started knitting, but as you can see I didn't get much done, the tummy had decided to rebel. No actual sick-up (is that too much information?) but I felt like a truck had hit me square on. Then there was not a lot of sleep as I noticed DH was getting up and down all night. This is not normal behavior - in 29 years of marriage, DH has been sick exactly 6 days and 4 of those were from an appendix that went south.
  Monday dawns and DH gets up to go to the gym as is his normal routine, so I'm thinking everything is good. I snuggle down into the blankets, throw them over my head and finally drift off into a dead clam sleep. Then I notice someone is getting in bed next to me, I am hoping at this point that it is DH as there are no other living creatures currently abiding in our home. Sure enough it was DH. Then I thought to myself in my sleep induced haze, what's he doing, he never goes back to bed after the gym. Then he says, I'm sick!!! Feel bad - ach - etc.... Well, that's all she wrote. He has been asleep again for 3 hours - in biological terms, our homeostatic conditions are not in balance. I have decided to fight on, write this blog and then give in to a nap myself. I think it is probably a good day to be under the weather as we are suppose to get snow and it is bitterly cold outside today. No reason I can think of to go outside.

    Here's wishing you all complete wellness. I doubt my germs can be transferred through an electronic medium so you should be safe.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl


Lara said...

:( That's no way to start out the new year. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Maybe getting sick first thing in the year means you are getting it all over at once.

Greengirl said...

That's a good thought - I'll keep it mind. Thanks!