Friday, January 14, 2011

Yo-Yo's Re-Imagined

I did it, I did it, I really, really did it!!!! Can you tell I'm quite chuffed with myself. If not, I am!!! I guess it's like riding a bicycle, you don't forget a skill that you've had most of your life. Although I have not crocheted a full item in numerous years, the technique came back to me and I think the re-imagined Nicky Epstein Yo-Yo Scarf  has a pretty good vibe.  I'll be showing it to my friend, Kim in the coming week, hopefully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is what she has imagined for herself.

The part that Kim wanted redesigned was the attachment points. She, like many of us hate the weaving in at the end of a project. Nicky's scarf had three attachment points for each element. Man that's a lot!!!  Anyway, I came up with a version that only had 5 total attachment points. Here's how it happens:

Yo-Yo Scarf Re-Imagined:
44.5 inches long - 6 inches wide
Size I crochet hook or size to make a 2 inch flower from side to side with following pattern.
Patons Shetland Tweed Chunky yarn - 2 balls - you will have some leftover. Size 5 Bulky yarn of choice.

Each element is a crocheted circle. I used plastic rings as my center points in order to give the scarf more shape and form. The rings do not deter in the flexibility of the scarf, but they do keep the scarf from being bunched up and tangled.
If you chose to use the plastic rings (found at any craft store - boxes of 15- quite inexpensive) you will need - 60/1 inch round plastic rings.

Circle: Take one plastic ring and cast on 12 slip stitches around the circle. At last slst, chain 1. *Single crochet around the first six stitches. Grab the next ring and connect the two elements with a slst and make 11 more slsts on the new ring for a total of 12 slsts.* Repeat until you have connected 18 circles. At the last circle continue to single crochet around the full circle. As you get back to the beginning of the circle, make a slst in the chain between the two joined circles, then pick-up your single crochets at the 7th slst of the next circle. Continue in this manner until you have finished all the circles in the row. Make three rows of  these connected circles.  You now have the full length of the scarf completed.

Triangle End Cap: The end caps contain three circles made in the same way as above. The only difference is the shaping.  After you attach the second circle to the first you go ahead and complete the single crochets and that will take you back to the joining point between the two circles. At this point make a slst at the join and attach your third plastic ring. Work the entire circle through the single crochets and you'll be back at the join again - make a slst in the join and pick-up the single crochets in the first circle and finish off the last of the first circle single crochets. Make two of these end caps.

***Note - make sure you don't twist your circles as you go or you'll have a bear of a time making it lay flat.***

Weaving Together: Lay out all three of your long pieces with the back side facing upward. Take a 2-3 foot piece of yarn and thread a tapestry needle.  Starting in the middle of the first circle, *weave your yarn around the inner plastic ring, working half way around the circle, connect the yarn through to the next circle, looping the weave twice through the two circles for strength.* Continue from
* --* up and down until you get about six inches of yarn left and weave that through the inner circle of the circle you are working with and snip the tail (this is woven in enough that it will not come undone with regular use.) Continue in this fashion until you attached all the circles. Do the same thing to attach the end caps.

Block as you see fit. Wear in peace and joy!!!
Completed Scarf pre-blocking

Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions as I wrote this rather quickly.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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