Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zippty Do Dah.....

I suspect that many of you have read forums or articles that talk about, "You know you are a Knitter when...." I know I have read several, some pertaining to a specific knitting goddess, some are just general ideas - you get the picture.

Then there are the numerous groups that discuss knitting organization. As you may have read in a previous blog thread, I'm on that adventure as we speak. How to organize your stash, your books, your needles and all of the sub-topics of each of those main ideas. This discussion could go on literally forever and I think in some ways it may as many knitters seem to organized people, or at least people that try to be organized. I think that in an art form where you have to track so many little bits here and there, organization is something that is thrust upon us if you are not an organized person to start. Controlling the  stash alone should require most knitters to hire part-time help. I've come to the conclusion that every knitter is at minimum a tiny LYS (local yarn store/shop) and at most a very large LYS. I'd love to see a pile out on a hillside with all of the yarn from all the stashes in North America alone. I know my fellow knitters to the north in Canada could rival those of us in the states easily. And I have limited the geographic area because I do not think there is a hillside large enough to hold all the stashes of the world.

Now, as I have been working today on my own organizational plans, I took a moment to read through some of the forums that I track on Ravelry. It just happens that one of those forums is dedicated to organization. I realize I didn't have to tell you that, as I gave it a pretty big lead, but what the heck maybe something was distracting you for a moment.

In one of the threads someone commented on using the zippy bags that fresh linens come in as a knitting project bag. I had to laugh at myself as I have three such bags awaiting their knitting prize as I write. I use them all the time - they are the perfect size and easy to grab and go. Then this idea popped into my noodle:

"You know you are a knitter when: You think that you are getting two items for the prices of one when these bags are involved in the packaging of another product and you think the zippy bag is the better of the two items because it can be used for knitting."

As all knitters know, this goes to the idea that knitters are always thinking about knitting, dreaming about knitting, doing the knitting.... It never ends- it's just good stuff - and it fills us all with peace and joy....

Go fill your day with your own kind of peace and joy....
The Green Girl.

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