Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunshine - Sunblind - Muse is having a wild time....

When you are as pale as the white horse and you turn red within five minutes of a hot August sun - you learn to be thankful that you love to knit. It is officially still Spring on the calender and only the first week of June. However, it is 97 skin burning to a crisp degrees here in Chicago land and has been for a good week. I've actually gotten red from walking out to the mailbox at two in the afternoon. And when I walk back inside I'm blind for a good minute from that brazen yellow orb that's plastered itself in the sky.

Now, I could pretend that I have no idea why we are getting this kind of weather at the tail end of Spring, when it usually doesn't show up until late July and August, but that would be playing down what little smarts I have and my thought is to never play dumb when you know better. You don't have to push your knowledge at people, but if you know, you know!! All you need do is take a look at a map of the Jet Stream and you can see that we are sitting right under the break from cool to warm or should I say blazing heat. My nightly prayer is now to have the Jet Stream move lower so that I do not melt when I go outside.

So, as sitting on the deck in the morning is kinda out as it is in the 90's before noon, I've taken the positive approach and grabbed the knitting and let Muse run wild on a new shawl design. As per her thoughts, I'm making a pre-made item to sell on my Etsy shop called the Orla neck warmer.  Muse decided that I should use the same design idea and make an Orla shawl, but it will be a pattern for those that wish to make their own. I'm thinking about making about 5 shawls as finished items for a special one time sale. Muse and DH think that I should offer something to those that do not wish to play with sticks and string, so the five special pieces is my decision thus far. What's your opinion???

As long as the sun continues to warm us past the point of toleration, Muse and I will settle in for nice days of design and knitting and when she takes a break, I'll get in a great Pilates workout to keep the old bod in shape.

Stay cool - use sunscreen and knit one, purl fun!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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