Saturday, June 4, 2011

Party Time....

Wow - this has been a productive and busy week. As you may notice, there is now a link to my Etsy Shop, the Facebook page and a search bar on the side of the blog. The Etsy shop and FB page are both in their infancy, but I'd appreciate your stopping by and sending me some feedback. Many thanks!!!

Getting these pages done was a nice aside from working on the actual website which giving me fits. I think the company that supports the page was on vacation all week as well as I was never able to get them on the phone. However, I shall not give in and will prevail. It may take some bribery with chocolate or something, but I'm not beyond that. Or perhaps one of the support crew has always wanted to learn how to knit of crochet. I have been know to use that as a ploy in the past. Hoot hoot - want to learn to knit??? Hmmm????

Anyway, after getting quite a bit checked off my list, I decided it was time to party!!! Let's have a party - get down - that's right!!! Did that little chant get you in the party mood, too??? So, what does party mean to me on Friday night at home alone (poor DH was working)? It meant getting out what is a new yarn to me and I think relatively new on the market, Caron Simply Soft Party in Black Sparkle (or as I call it Black Diamonds) and starting an evening wrap all for me! This is one of those yarns that has a metallic sparkly thread running through it and I can say so far no breaks in the thread, which is what I always look for in these types of yarn. If that thread breaks easily, you'll end up with a rough and scratchy item - no fun! This black is truly like looking into a sea a black diamonds. The thread is black as well and makes a lovely and elegant look when worked up. These pictures are just swatches, I'm starting the actual wrap today. I know - the Green Girl actually did a swatch!!! Does the muse know??? Yes, she does and I think I have traumatized her. However, I wanted to gt a good feel of how this yarn works in pattern and I can say it passed with an A+++.

Specifics - 99% Acrylic - 1% polyester. Machine wash and dry, but as with all my hand knits, I hand wash and lay flat for a longer and more gentler life of the item. Each ball is 164yds/150meters - 3oz/85grams. On this particular ball band there is a pattern for crocheting a cute pair of wristlets.  They would make a great gift for a teen. This is a mid-weight yarn - #4.

Now you know how the Green Girl parties on a Friday night. Oh, I added a bowl of popcorn and some tele to that line-up as well and had an enjoyable evening.

Peace and joy to you all...

The Green Girl.

Don't forget that you can now that the Green Girl blog with you on your Kindle e-reader. Just got to store and type in The Green Girl. Thanks!!!

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