Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bright Lights and Web Sites.....

The last few days have busy, busy, busy. I'm knitting like I'm on speed in order to get my product supply to a healthy level for the summer fairs and I've been busy working on the website for Oz Dust Designs, by The Green Girl Studio. The domain name is in concrete, the design process is in the very active stage and I hope it goes live next week. It's all very exciting, but very mind numbing when you stop to consider all the things you don't know about this process. It's been one of those things where you say to yourself - "Self - you've done well, you've learned a lot, but if you had a million dollars you would have done the smart thing and let a professional make this site for you." C'est la vie! One day this little business will be large enough to have people to do these things and at least I'll know enough to nod and tell them they are doing a good job. See, I'm staying positive!

I will say this, Mike web master extraordinaire at the "web hosting facility" (this is all very TRON to me) was very nice on the phone when I called blabbering about things that I'm sure made no real sense. He was patient, thorough, and allowed me to repeat myself several times for clarification. I hope this secretive place out there somewhere has an employee of the month award, Mike should definitely get the award for March 2011. Oh why not give it to him for the year, he knows I'll be calling again with more blabbering.

OK - that's the latest and greatest from the world of Oz.

Peace and joy to ya all....
The Green Girl

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margaret said...

Oh! This is very exciting! Can't wait to see your website.