Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Liste....

The check list:
1) Finish web site
2) Finish the laundry
3) Work with Amanda to start the second round of the Baker's Dozen Group
4) Knit 100 neck warmers for sale at the this year's Craft Fairs (starter stock)
5) Finish Fair paperwork (that is when the coordinator sends it to me)
6) Finish the laundry (this needs to be stated twice as it is an all the time chore)
7) Plan the garden.
8) Start knitting my Spring socks
9) Get a handle on my book reviews for Knitty Scribe.
10) Finish research and write rough draft for my Ancient Civilizations paper. Hoping to present in 2012 at annual meeting in Chicago (this is the non-knitty side of my life.) 
11) yada yada yada........

This is only part of the list that keeps running through my mind on auto-repeat. In one day I have become very busy. That's a good thing, but it's daunting as well. The Green Girl is going global, viral, (choose whatever word that fits). I am going on the Craft Fair circuit this summer. I'm going to be offering two of my designs pre-knit and three patterns for sale. So, I've been knitting late into the next day's early morning - going to sleep, waking up a few hours later with an anxiety attack and going back to knitting for about a week now. I'm also going to offer these neck warmers on my website (should go live by the end of the month of early April) and through Etsy. So far, I'm planning about 12 colors - 4 neutrals, 4 brights, 4 pastels. They will fit any teen or adult. I'm making a child size, but I have to get it tested by a few children so those may not show up until Autumn.
Neck Warmer - Bright 
Neck Warmer - Neutral

As of today, I cannot check anything off that list, but everything is in motion. I consider this a triumph as very little was in motion a week ago. Ah -there goes the dryer bell - time to turn back into Washer-Woman!!!

What amazing tasks are you up to these days???

Peace and joy...
The Green Girl.

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