Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been thinking about things that I miss. Someone said something to me late last week that got me to thinking about:
1) How exciting it was when I was little to sit down on the sofa with my mother and look through the Sears catalog, marking up the styles that we liked and put "outfits" together. Outfits was a big word used back in the stone age for ensemble. No one's mother could pull-off an "outfit" like mine, she was the queen of the outfit. We never actually bought even 1/4th of the outfits we put together, but it was a great time to play with my mom and share something together. I miss those days.

2) When I started learning to read, I taught my Grandfather (PaPa) at the same time. He had very little school - something like second or third grade, but because he was needed on the farm, he never really learned to read that well. We learned together and then later when I was a teen, we would sit and read books and newspapers together and discuss their meanings and that would lead to discussions on the meaning of life type stuff. All really good stuff and good times. I miss those days.

3) Then this evening, I started thinking about how I missed my brother. He is many years younger than I and he was the greatest thing that I ever asked for and actually got (save my DH.) I remember how I fed him, bathed him, diapered him, taught him his ABC's, rocked him and sang him to sleep. When he was little we shared a bedroom and he would stand in his crib and knock things from the top the dresser that stood between my bed and his crib onto the floor so that I would wake-up. When I would jump up from the noise he would giggle - his laugh today is that same giggle (it's burned into my memory and my heart.) As he got a little older, he would come into my bedroom and  stand at the edge of my bed and in a still small voice he would say, "Sissy, can I sleep with you, I had a bad dream." I happened to be home visiting my parents when he was in high school and his first girlfriend broke his heart. I miss sharing those days with him.

All this "missing" is what I get when I am trying to make up product for the summer fairs. I sit and knit and knit and I think and I reminisce and then I miss. I guessing that this endless knitting could help with remembering as well. Someone should try that and let me know how it works. Lose a shoe or a lip-gloss - knit until you remember where you left said item. If this works, I may try it for finding the cell phone that I lost a few months ago. I was sure it would turn up by now, but no go.

Enjoy some time missing and membering the next time you knit, I found that it's kind of like meditation. At least I was in a trance.

Peace and joy...
The Green Girl

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Spinster Beth said...

When I was very young, my family was stationed at a remote duty station on a small island (this was in the 70s). Everything had to be ordered by catalogue, and I remember picking out clothes and shoes with my mom. What a great memory!