Friday, April 15, 2011

Lazy Days and a Knitting Haze....

The weather has been cool and windy these last few days, but we refuse to close the windows again and turn the furnace back on. It's kind like the Yarn Harlots furnace wars - we've started now and we don't intend to lose the fight. So, the mornings have been cool inside the house in a way that makes you want to slide down under a huge pile of blankets and just let your face stick out into the cool air. It is the kind of feeling that lulls you back to that sleepy, dreamy place and then POW the telephone rings and rips you back into the present with a force like a hurricane.

Then there was this morning - I learned my lesson and turned the phone off just a for bit. I was awake by 7:00am and having my cheerios and then I settled back under the covers with a cuppa tea and good Brit-Lit book about a woman that owns a knitting shop by the sea in Britain. Totally - 100% - absolute laziness on my part, but I don't care. Nope, I don't care even one little knit or purl that I didn't get in the shower until 9:15am. Now you know I don't care because I actually told you the time. So, think me lazy, slothful or sluttish - I don't care. I had once fantastic morning and I deserve it, as I'm guessing most of you do as well.

This change in my morning routine was actually a requirement in my mind. I've been getting up when DH leaves at 6:30ish and starting my knitting for the summer fairs and not putting my needles down until midnight for weeks now. Unfortunately, I'm not quite where I want to be, but I'm not far off either. I have had to continue with the cleaning, cooking and laundry after all and I needed to start my April square for my Baker's Dozen group on Ravelry. However, I noticed that I was running out of steam on my projects a little, so some light reading (about knitting of course) has re-charged my batteries. Now you can call it laziness if you like, but in reality it's a bit more like therapy for someone in a knitting haze.

The square for April has been frogged twice, but it's now moving right along. The MOM for April is our only gentleman member of the group and his choice of color is orange. Baby is he getting orange. The label calls the color pumpkin, but it's nowhere near, it's plain old fashioned, peel me one of Florida's best - ORANGE!!! This is one of the blankets that I am most looking forward to seeing completed, as I seem to have developed a passion for the color orange over the past year. I am sure this is because the muse has bewitched me somehow, but that's okay. It's a fun color in the end.

All in all, I call this a good day and it's not even noon. Yahoo!!!!

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl.

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