Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Give a Dog a Bone....

Poor Muse is so anxiety ridden these days. No, Muse you're not a dog, the title is just an expression. Muse wants me to knit toys - bears and bunnies and dolls. She wants me to knit little clothes for them and accessories. Everyday for weeks now she has made sure that there is a book, magazine or pamphlet with a toy design in my viewing range. She's tired of all the time I've been spending knitting neck warmers to sell at the summer fairs.

It is difficult to knit the same item time after time after time, but it must be done. I've been doing a wool/acrylic blend for most of the neck warmers, but I have come across an acrylic/nylon blend that feels heavenly and is working up in the pattern beautifully. Berroco's Comfort yarn is the brand in question. It feels like a cotton/silk blend and the colors are really vibrant and saturated in their depth. I think this just may be the my new yarn od choice for my non-wool clientele.

But, back to poor Muse. I really think I must do the old girl a good turn and make one little toy in order to calm her down. If I don't, I'm afraid we'll have a full on melt down and she'll hit the pub for an overextended stay and then huff around the studio. That can be extremely frustrating. Having a tiff with one's muse is just not a good thing. In an effort to stave off the big pout from Muse, I pulled a book by Val Pierce, 20 Knitted Bears. These little bears are all basically the same and then the outfits are made to dress them as you wish. You could actually make one little bear and several dresses, kind of like an infants version of Barbie dress-up. They are truly sweet little creatures and quick to work up. So, I have decided that after I make one more neck warmer (it's already on the needles - I have to finish - right???) I will make one little bear and couple of dressing up pieces and take them to my little, Kate. The size and shape will be perfect for her little two and half year old hands.

There, there dear muse - I have not forgotten you or the valuable service that you play in my knitting, but for heaven's sake after this little detour please let me get on with finishing my supply of neck warmers or we'll be living in the shed come summer when I have nothing to sell.

What has your muse inspired you to do lately???

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Funny, I've been feeling the urge to knit stuffed animals as well -- thinking of a rabbit to start, but there's a whole bevy of patterns I want to knit up. Why? I've no idea. It hit me mid-finishing the GAAA for my niece. Of course having knit 3 afghans this year I should be ready for a change but now I'm thinking about matching afghan's and animals. It really is insane. All the while the shawl and sock yarn in my stash glares a me in silent condemnation. Shouldn't I be knitting it? Ah, but the lure of those long bunny ears is hard to resist!

Greengirl said...

We just need more arms and hands. Too bad we can't just attach them as needed.